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What your peers are saying:

It was life-giving to take some time and talk with ministry peers in my cluster group. Finding a place to share honestly, process ministry, and pray with one-another adds another dimension to the pursuit of longevity. While I have random moments of leaning on others, my cluster provides a consistent “lean moment”!

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Registration Onboarding

Registration is always open!

Please note that we have three onboarding months: January, April, and October. During those months will take all registrations up to that month and place those leaders in Clusters. (For example, any registrations placed before Dec. 31 will be onboarded in January. If you register in June, you will be placed in a Cluster during the month of October. Registration is always open!) 

Onboarding Months:
January (includes registrations on or before Dec. 31)
April (includes registrations on or before March 31)
October (includes registrations on or before September 30)

  • Why should I be in a Cluster?
    Have you ever found yourself feeling isolated in ministry, feeling like others don't understand what it's actually like to be you, or wishing you had a mentor in your life? Or maybe you're always in conversations about how to have a thriving ministry, but you can't focus on that becuase you have things going on at home. You're not alone. When talking with other pastors, we found that many of you were saying the same things. So we developed these Clusters as a response to the need that people (even pastors!) need community. We are healthy when we have people in our lives that are walking with us, caring for us and that we can do the same with. So we invite you to be in a Cluster if you want to ensure that you are a Healthy Leader. And Healthy Leaders are in community.
  • What are Clusters?
    Healthy Leader Clusters are small groups designed for like-minded leaders and pastors. The three main objectives of a Cluster are for each leader to: 1. Participate in a safe and vulnerable space. 2. Connect and build relationship with others. 3. Grow and develop as a leader.
  • What is the time committment?
    1 hour, once a month.
  • How big is a Cluster?
    3-4 people This is because we really want you to have time and space to be cared for and to care for the people in your Cluster.
  • How will Clusters be formed?
    After registration closes, we will be taking each registration and arranging the clusters. We will take into account the preferences you selected on your registration, geographic locations as well as allowing Holy Spirit to giude the process.
  • Will the Clusters be mixed gender?
    We listened to you and most preferences indicated all male and all female groups. So you will be in a Cluster with your same gender.
  • I love this idea, but I'm nervous to be in a group of people I don't know. What can I do?
    We get it. When the purpose of this group is to go deep, that can be intimidating when you don't know the other people you are with. We do encourage you to register anyways. You can never under-estimate what God can do with your step of courage. He may place you with a group of people that you need in this season! Alternatively, you may have a few people you know that you would love to cluster with. If that's the case, reach out to us on the registration form and we would love to connect with you to make that happen. Our main goal is that you have community!
  • How will I meet with my Cluster?
    Each Cluster will decide how they want to meet. You can meet in person, or over Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meets etc.
  • What if I can't make it to a Cluster meeting?
    We do hope that these Clusters will be a priority for you, however, we also understand that things come up last minute. We recommend that you try to reschedule with your Cluster if you are unable to make it to a meeting.
  • What happenes at the end of June?
    We will be taking a short break over the summer months. Then we will be starting back up again in September! You can then decide if you want to stick with the same Cluster, try another group, or start your own!
  • How do I register?
    Click this link to fill out a quick and simple registration!
  • How will I get conected with the people in my Cluster?
    Each cluster has a Host. We will reach out to you with the Host's contact information, but they will also be given your contact info (that you provided on the registration form) and they will connect you with the others in your cluster.


Reach out to us! We would love to hear from you!

p: 905-373-7374 ext. 5
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