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Please see below for a list of resources to facilitate church online. 

Streaming Services

  • Encoder box or download encoding software on computer

  • Distributes streaming to Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other platforms

  • Upload pre-recorded sermon at a set time

  • Free to use

  • Takes your live stream from Facebook or YouTube and places it on the Free Online Church platform

  • Includes Bible and sermon notes

  • Free to use

  • Embed your third-party streaming code (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) in the Church Online Platform and start broadcasting

  • Bible, chat and hosting tools

Facebook Live

Instagram Live

  • Ability to go live on Instagram

  • Able to invite another Instagram user to share their video on the live

  • Ability to save live to phone or share to IGTV

YouTube Live


Other means of sharing videos online

Instagram IGTV

  • Post pre-recorded video to Instagram

  • If it is under 10 minute you can upload from the app. If it is longer than 10 minutes you will need to upload from a desktop on or Facebook Creator Studio. 

Interactive online communication

Zoom (

  • Live video call

  • Free membership (with some limitations) available

  • Ability to join internet or by phone

  • Ability to divide group into small discussion groups

  • Recording Training Videos



Other resources to note:

YouVersion Bible App

  • Download the app, start a Bible study and invite friends

CCLI Licensing - With the Church Streaming License, you can legally webcast your services, including the worship music beyond your four walls.

FAQs: Answering Tech Questions Pastors Are Asking

Video: Take Your Church Online In 24 Hours

Video: Launching Online Ministry

Video Pastor Quick Tips

Free worship sets from Rend Collective

RightNow Media - On demand Biblical contact with share with congregants. 

Pro Church Tools - Free resources to help you and your church shift to online communication.

10 Biggest Streaming Churches And The Software They Use

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