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Lay Delegates

We encourage every church to appoint a Lay Delegate(s). Lay Delegates will have voting privileges along with voting credential holders.  A letter has been issued to the Secretary of the Church Board/Pastor's Council. The letter must be sent to the Eastern Ontario and Nunavut District by the Lead Pastor or the Board Secretary of the church appointing the Lay Delegate(s), on or before September 29th. The letter must include the Delegate's full name(s), address(es), phone number(s), and email information. The Lay Delegate must also register by September 29th to be included in the voting roster.

Voting Process

You must be pre-registered by September 29th in order to vote. All voting will be administered through an online voting software, on Oct 3rd. The process will be easy! Throughout the business session, you will be notified when an election has launched via the email you provided at the time of registration. Click the link in your email to access the current voting ballot.

What you will need:

  • Reliable WIFI

  • A device to tune in to the Special Meeting.

  • A separate device or tab open with easy access to the email you provided at the time of your registration, for voting purposes.

Online Link/Information

You will receive a link to the online Special Meeting in your registration confirmation email and as we near the Special Meeting, the link for the livestream will be available on our webpage.

Pre Conference Lobby

Join us at 12:45 pm in our virtual Lobby! Catch up with your EOND family.


Registration questions may be forwarded to info@eod.paoc.org