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what to expect

The 2024 District Conference will be short but meaningful. We have set aside approximately 60-90 minutes for credential holders, ministry leaders, and lay delegates to come together online for our Annual General Meeting. We'll keep it moving as reports are presented, upcoming District news is shared, and resolutions are voted on. It's a moment to connect - don't miss it!

voting process

All voting on May 8th will be administered through the online voting software, Election Runner. This process will be easy! Throughout the Business Session, you will be notified when a ballot has been launched via the email you provided at the time of registration. Simply click the link in your email, and you will find yourself right in the current voting ballot. 

what you need

  • Reliable WiFi.

  • A device to tune in to the District Conference live stream.

  • A separate device or tab open with easy access to the email you provided at the time of registration for voting purposes.

lay delegate information

Churches can send up to 2 lay delegates (1 Lay Delegate for church memberships under 50 people) to represent their church at the annual business meeting. 

This is in accordance with the provision of By-Law of the Eastern Ontario District Constitution, which states: Conference Representation   Lay representation of affiliated assemblies at District Conference meetings shall be based on the membership of the assembly.  Those assemblies having a membership of fifty (50) or less shall be entitled to one (1) lay delegate, and those having a membership of more than fifty (50) shall be entitled to two (2) lay delegates.   Each lay delegate shall procure a letter from the Secretary or the Pastor of the assembly which certifies his/her appointment by the church Board or Pastor’s Council to represent the assembly in the District Conference.  This letter shall be presented to the Roster Committee of the District Conference, when in session.

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